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Written by:Joomler! 49200 hits Monday, 08 October 2012 10:09

Editor Swithcer 1.7.2 for Joomla!2.5.x and 3.0 Released

Please see youtube.

How to use

  1. install
  2. configure Basic Options
    • Default editor
      Default is tinymce.
    • Confirmation
      It confirm whether changing an editor or not on popup a dialog window. Default is Yes.
    • Duration days
      It store your selected duration days into Cookie. Default is 365.
  3. Select “Editor – Switcher” in your profile.
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Written by:Joomler! 46473 hits Thursday, 10 September 2009 06:23

Bug fix

  • Output the editor selector only 1, when displayed plural editors

How to install or upgrade

The editor selector came to be shown only a displayed editor first.

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Written by:Joomler! 10477 hits Saturday, 05 September 2009 06:47

Editor Switcher for Joomla!1.5 Released.

Switching of Editor is enabled with an editing screen.

How to install and update

  1. Install
  2. Setting the plugin parameters
    • Allowed Groups
      Default (editor or higher)
    • Default Editor
  3. Change your default editor to “Editor – Switcher” in “User Manager”

You can watch the video of how to use.


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