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FeedEater – Installing and Configuration - FeedEater

FeedEater – Installing and Configuration

Written by:Joomler! 4043 hits Friday, 18 December 2009 08:06

It explains the installation and the setting.
The installation and the setting of FeedEater are very easy. Everyone will be able to use it easily and quickly.


FeedEater is composed by two extensions.

  1. Download FeedEater
  2. Install in Extension Manger
    Component : FeedEater
    Plugin : Content – FeedEater, System – Yahoo keitaisokaiseki( Only Japanese version )
  3. Complete



FeedEater Component Parameters

  • FeedEater Component Parameter Setting  Readmore
    • Use Readmore
      When it is Yes, the text specified for Readmore is used for the Readmore text.
      This is applied to all feed items.
    • Readmore
      Readmore text
    • Replace Readmore Link
      The link of Readmore is replaced with the link of the feed item.
    • Display Always
      Even when the full text in the article is displayed, the Readmore link is displayed.
  • Author
    • Author
      Please select the user who registers as author of the feeditem.
    • Author of the feed item
      It uses it as alias of the author if there is an author in the feed item.
  • Meta
    • Auto MetaDesc
      MetaDesc is generated from the title and the text with the automatic operation.
    • MetaDesc Limit
      Limit of the number of characters
    • Auto MetaKey
      MetaKey is generated from the title and the text with the automatic operation.
      * It is necessary to correct the language file when using it with feed of the language that is not English.
      * Only for Japanese version
      Yahoo 形態素解析プラグイン(システムプラグイン)が同時にインストールされ、有効化されています。Yahoo アプリケーションIDを取得し、プラグインの設定を行ってください。メタキーが空の記事に自動で形態素解析か、キーフレーズによるキーワードが登録されます。
      Yahoo! Japan デベロッパーネットワーク
    • Words Limit
      Limit of the number of words
  • Notification
    • Destination Email
      This system is operated by the automatic operation. When the error occurs, the notification is sent to this email address.
      Please fill in the email address one by one on the line.
  • Filter
    The default filter method in FeedEater is “Black List”.
    • Filter Tags
    • Filter Attributes

Create Feed

FeedEater Create Feed


  • FeedEater Create Feed Details Name
    Site Name
  • Site URL
  • Feed URL
  • Cron
    It is displayed that it preserves it. It is not possible to edit it.
  • Published
  • Ordering

Last Cron Date

  • FeedEater Create Feed Last Cron Date
    The last executed date is displayed.


  • FeedEater Create Feed Content Add Publishing Date(day)
    Specified days are added to date (pubDate) of the Feed item, and the article is open to the public at the date.
  • Period Publishing(day)
    It is open to the public at the publishing date during this days.
  • Section
    Please select a section.
  • Category
    Please select a category.
  • Readmore Text

Undate IntervalFeedEater Create Feed Interval

  • Interval
    It is executed at the date that exceeded the specified update interval.
  • Number Of Limit
    Please specify how many articles to convert from feed item.


  • Link Tag
    Tag{link} is replaced by the title with the link of feed items.
  • Title Tag
    Tag{title} is replaced by the title of feed items.
  • Fulltext
    It is a fulltext in all converted articles.


Please see the following link.


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