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mod JContentPlus Cumulus - JContentPlus 1.5

mod JContentPlus Cumulus

Written by:Joomler! 3542 hits Thursday, 10 December 2009 10:20

This module displays the tag cloud.

Cumulus(Beta) List
jcontentplus_cumulus jcontentplus_cumulus_list


JContentPlus Cumulus Parameters Required Parameter

  • Assign Menu
    When the link is clicked, the page is opened under the control of the related menu.
    Moreover, the number of items follows the menu setting.

Tag Cloud

  • Tags
    Please select List or Cumulus.
  • Font Size
    This is Base Font Size. Please input only numeric value.
  • Lower Bound
    Lower bound of font size


  • Width
    Cumulus of display width(% or numeric value)
  • Height
    Cumulus of display height(% or numeric value)
  • Color1
    Font color 1
  • Color2
    Font color 2
  • Highlight Color
  • Rotation speed
    Rotation speed(percentage, default is 100). (only numeric value)
  • Distribute tags evenly on sphere
    Places tags at equal intervals instead of random
  • Cumulus Transparent
    Yes/No Transparent of Cumulus Flash


  • Output Style
    Please set it to “No” if you want to control the style with your template.
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