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About JContentPlus 1.5 - JContentPlus 1.5

About JContentPlus 1.5

Written by:Joomler! 6453 hits Thursday, 19 November 2009 13:14


As for JContentPlus15, a more reformative function in addition to JContentPlus 1.2 is added.

 JContentPlus manages neither the articles nor the categories by an original data base. Your articles and current categories can be used as it is.


JContentPlus enables following these.

Installed Extensions

When JContentPlus is installed, all these extensions are installed by the automatic operation.

  • Component
  • Modules
  • Plugins
    • Content JConetntPlus
      • Display section and category tags
      • mooVote
      • Load module
      • Insert banner(s)
    • Content JContentPlus Pagenavigation (from JC+ 1.2.0)
      • Display PageNav
    • Internal Link Button (from JC+ 1.5.0)
      • Supported Editors
      • TinyMCE
      • CKEditor
      • JCE
      • FCKEditor
      • None Editor
    • Insert Image Button (from JC+ 1.5.0)
      • Thumbnail with a link etc.
      • Supported Editors
        • TinyMCE
        • CKEditor
        • JCE
        • FCKEditor
        • None Editor
    • Editor Button JContentPlus Version (from JC+ 1.2.0)
      • Load the content of the selected version to the content
      • Supported Editors
        • TinyMCE
        • CKEditor
        • JCE
        • FCKEditor
        • None Editor
    • System JContentPlus Raw
      • This does supporting work of JContentPlus.
    • System Mootools
      • Enable/Disable Mootools 1.2
        * Default Disable
        Note : This plug-in is prepared for Joomla!1.6. It is possible to use this plug-in and to use 1.2 of mootools with Joomla. However, it doesn't support it in the version of present JContentPlus.
    • XML-RPC JContentPlus
      • Support WordPress API (Blogging API)
    • Search(JContentPlus, Categories, Sections, Comment *)
      • Support the search of Joomla! with the JContentPlus Link.


  • PHP5
  • MySQL4.1 or later
  • PHP GD library
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