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Features of Trackback - JContentPlus 1.5

Features of Trackback

Written by:Joomler! 5492 hits Wednesday, 18 November 2009 14:20

These are features of the Trackback function added from JContentPlus 1.5.

Auto Discovery and Manual Discovery and Manual Registration

If Auto Discovery is Yes in the setting and you create a new article, the Trackback notification destination is extracted from the link in the text of the article by the automatic operation, and Trackback is transmitted by the automatic operation.

In addition, if you edit an article and add a link, please use Manual Discovery.

Please see DEMO.


Ping and Auto Ping

When the article is stored, JCotnetnPlus1.5 transmits Trackback by the automatic operation

Supported Akismet Anti Spam Service

When Trackback Ping is received at Enable and Akismet Service is Enable, it is asked whether it is spam the Akismet service.

If it is Spam, Status is notified as Spam. Please see “Status” of the following image. This is a text in the notification mail.


Notification sent to two or more mail addresses


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