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Comment Configuration - JContentPlus 1.5

Comment Configuration

Written by:Joomler! 4308 hits Tuesday, 17 November 2009 17:35

Comment Configuration


  • Comment System List Limit
    It is the maximum number of comments displayed on page 1. When this number is exceeded, Pagenavigation is displayed.
  • Moderators
    Please set userid of the user who makes it to the moderator. The moderator can edit the comment.
  • Login Required
    Only the log in user can comment when this value is Yes.
  • Login Message
    Please fill in the message to non-log in user.
  • Show Comment(*Override is possible by the article parameter.)
    • Hide
      Hide all comments and form
    • Show
      Show all comments and form
    • End Comment
      Show all comments and Hide form
  • Multiple Post Time
    It is waiting time of a continuous comment against the same article.
  • Allow Limit Time for Registered User
    When Allow, Multiple Post Time is ignored for the log in user.
  • Auto Publish
    At Yes, the comment is open to the public at the same time as contributing. When the Akismet service of the system is Enable, it follows the result of the Akismet service.
  • Notification Destination
    Please input the Email address that notifies to the line one by one when the comment is newly contributed.
  • Vote
    Show/Hide Vote
  • Thread
    Thread View is displayed.
  • Thread Intro
    When Thread View is displayed, a part of the message is displayed.
  • Max Length
    It is a number of maximum characters of displayed messages.
  • Thread Position
    Please select Below or Above.


  • Comment Captcha Use Captcha
    Show/Hide Captcha
  • Captcha Type
    Captcha of an easy calculating formula or Recaptcha can be selected.
  • PublicKey
    Please input your publickey issued with Recaptcha.
  • PrivateKey
    Please input your privatekey issued with Recaptcha.
  • BG Color
    Background Color of Calc Captcha
  • Font Color
    Font Color of Calc Captcha


It is possible to use the avatar of the other extension by adding the plug-in of the JContentPlus type.

  • Comment Avatar Use Gravatar
    Avatar is displayed by using Gravatar when the registered user and the Email input are done.
    * It is also possible to mount to call Avatar from other extensions with the plug-in. (onAssignAvatar)
  • Size
    Display Size of Avatar
  • Default Avatar
    • Internal Avatar
    • identicon, monstreid, wavatar
      These avatar are in Gravatar.
  • Internal Avatar
    Please upload it in a folder(plugins/content/jcontentplus_comment/avatar).


Comment Fields These values is set to display, non-display, requirement or not requirement of the form fields.


Comment Toolbar These values is set to display, non-display of the toolbar buttons.


  • jcontentplus_comment_config_feed Title
    Feed Title
  • Limit
    The number of Feed Item Limit
  • Description
    Feed Description
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