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System Configuration - JContentPlus 1.5

System Configuration

Written by:Joomler! 4163 hits Tuesday, 17 November 2009 16:43

These are basic configuration parameters of JContentPlus.
There is a parameter that can do override by setting the menu.

System Configuration

Support Key

  • Support Key Support Key
    This is a parameter for the support. It doesn't forget, and input the issued valid key, please.

Display related

  • Display Related Section Category Tags
    • Hide : Not display Section Category Tags
    • After Display Title : If Intro is Hide, display it after title
    • Before Display Content : Display it before content and after created date and hits
    • After Content : Display it after content and before modified date
    • After Display Content Display it after modified date
  • Use Caldate
    Show/ Hide Calendar Date (* Override by a menu is possible)
  • Pagebreak to Anchor
    Replace pagebreak to anchor (Wiki Like)
    (* Override by the parameter of the article is possible)


  • StyleSheet Core StyleSheet
    If Not Use, jcontentplus.css is not loaded.
    * Possible to override

Page Navigation

  • JContentPlus1.5 Page Navigation Configuration Display Title (from 1.5.3)
    Display Navigation Link with Title of the article
  • Position
    Please select Below or Above
  • Display Event (from 1.5.5)
    Please set this when you want to display it under the display of the article on update.
    Moreover, when this is After Display Content, the position setting is disregarded.

Categories related

  • Categories Related Publish after created
    If Unpublish, the maked category do not publish.
  • Title Add Category, Section Title
    If display an article, add Category, Section Title to it

Akismet Service

Akismet is anti spam service. The account of is necessary.(Free for personal use)
For commercial use, please visit the Akismet commercial licensing page.
Please note it. Even if this is Enable, it is publish according to each Auto Publish setting when it is not valid API Key.

  • Akismet ServiceTrackback
    When Trackback Ping is received at Enable, it is asked whether it is spam the Akismet service.
  • Comment
    When the comment is contributed at Enable, it is asked whether it is spam the Akismet service.
  • API Key
    You must input the valid key.

Contact Captcha


Captcha Type Calc or ReCaptcha. Please set Public Key and Private Key with Comment Configuration when you use Recaptcha.

  • Contact Captcha Use
    Note:When Contact Captcha is used, it is necessary to insert the code in the template.

    Please do the following work if you use Contact Captcha.
    1. Copy /components/com_contact/views/contact/tmpl/default_form.php into /templates/your_template/html/com_contact/contact/
    2. Copy the following codes in front of the button of default_form.php of the template.
      get('contact_captcha') && file_exists(JPATH_PLUGINS.DS.'content'.DS.'jcontentplus_comment'.DS.'form.php')){
      	require_once JPATH_PLUGINS.DS.'content'.DS.'jcontentplus_comment'.DS.'form.php';
      	$tabindex = 5;
      	echo JContentPlusHelperComment::getSecurityForm($tabindex, true);
  • Captcha Type
    Calc or ReCaptcha. Please set Public Key and Private Key with Comment Configuration when you use Recaptcha.
  • Stop Continuous
    It is not possible to submit continuously in the time specified with Interval.
  • Interval
    Time(Second) of Interval
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