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Features of JContentPlus 1.5 - JContentPlus 1.5

Features of JContentPlus 1.5

Written by:Joomler! 5005 hits Friday, 13 November 2009 10:08

In JContentPlus1.5, a lot of functions are added and extended.

Addtional Database Tables

  • jcontentplus_blacklist
  • jcontentplus_comments
  • jcontentplus_comment_smileys
  • jcontentplus_hierarchic
  • jcontentplus_ping
  • jcontentplus_trackback
  • jcontentplus_cache (* from 1.5.3)

 JContentPlus manages neither the articles nor the categories by an original data base. Your articles and current categories can be used as it is.


Additional Managing Function : Category Manager

Category Manager



Addtional Menu Layout : Article Manager Layout

Article Manager LayoutArticle Manager Layout enables the article management from the front end.

Author Editor
Author Access
Only Own Articles
Editor Access
Publisher Manager or Higher
Publisher Access Manager or Higher


Order By Rate







Addtional Comment Manager



Calc Captcha Recaptcha Simple Editor
Comment Calc Captcha Comment Recaptcha Comment Simple Editor 
All buttons of Toolbar can control ON/Off in Comment Configuration.
Preview Thread View Ajax Vote
Comment Preview Comment Thread View
When click on Thread View Bar, it is togggled Show/Hide.
Comment AjaxVote



Comment Manager Edit Moderator Operation
Comment Manager Comment Edit   
Comment Moderator
* Frontend


Additional Trackback Manager



Links List Discovery
Trackback Display Trackback List Trackback Discovery   
When it is a new article, it is done Auto Discovery.



Trackback Manager Edit
Trackback Manager Trackback Edit



Addition and Exciting : Editing the Article


Backend Editing

It is each article and parameters of possible override in the parameter in the article done built-in.


Renewed Sub Categories



 Frontend Editing

Whati is “Internal Link” ?

Please see DEMO VIDEO.

Please see details.

Editing In Editing

Please see DEMO VIDEO.

Additional Contact Captcha


Recaptcha Calc
Recaptcha Calc Captcha
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