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XML-RPC JContentPlus - JContentPlus 1.2

XML-RPC JContentPlus

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Function added from MovableType XML-RPC further

  • The multi mapping of the category
    Mapping category
  • Create a new category and map on to the parent category 
    New Category and Mapping parent
  • Create a page( Uncategorized article )
    Create a page
  • Supported User Folder
    The folder is made for each user by username, and it saves a file.
  • Select Author
  • Comment Configuration (* JContentPlus 1.5 )
  • Ping Configuration (* JContentPlus 1.5 )
  • Trackback Configuration (* JContentPlus 1.5 )
    Added Function


XML-RPC JContentPlus ParametersGeneral

  • Default Section
    This value must be referred to when you make the category new.
  • Default Category
    When the category is not specified, it becomes this default category.
  • Storage Path
    Path that saves a file (images/stories/)
  • User Folder
    Yes/No User Folder
  • Same file name
    The file is stored at the setting not overwrited by a unique name.
  • Max Size(byte)
    Max File Size
  • File Type
    Please specify the permitted file type by Comma Separated Value.


  • Auto MetaDesc
    MetaDescription is generated from the article with the automatic operation.
  • Regex
    This is only English or Japanese. Please change regex of your language.
  • MaxLength
    It is a number of the MetaDescription of maximum characters.
  • Auto MetaKey
    MetaKey is generated from the article with the automatic operation.
  • Word Num
    It is maximum number of MetaKeyword.

Google Doc

  • Readmore
    Whether it is assumed Readmore with which tag because the Readmore function is not provided in Google Doc is specified.
  • Pagebreak
    Enable/Disable Google Doc Pagebreak


  • IP Address Restrict
    Please set Yes when you want to do the access restriction with IP address.
  • IP
    Comma Separated Value. (example:,

Edit / Publish

  • Allow Display Author List

Special Edit
   As for these settings, only Author or Registered User is effective.

  • Access
    1line 1user. userid=categories. example:userid=1,2,3. This setting is enabled for only registered or author.
  • Allow own articles only
  • Allow auto publish
  • Recursive category access
  • Allow create category
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