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mod JContentPlus Calnedar - JContentPlus 1.2

mod JContentPlus Calnedar

Written by:Joomler! 7251 hits Monday, 16 November 2009 00:44

This calendar displays the month from the month that have the oldest article to the month of this month or the next month.


The style of Calendar can be selected from among four. In adition, this module have the file of the source(Fireworks PNG).

Black Blue White Skelton
jcontentplus_calendar_black jcontentplus_calendar_blue jcontentplus_calendar_white jcontentplus_calendar_skelton


Fluid Styling


Note : There might be some changes when releasing it.


  • JContentPlus Calendar Parameters Title
    When this value is not empty and Show Title is No, it is displayed this value as Title.
  • Menu(required)
    This setting is necessary to display referring to the menu setting.
  • Display Language (from JC+1.2.2 or JC+1.5.5)
    The language that can be selected is English, Japanese, Spanish, Polish, Dutch, Russian, Italian, and Portuguese. It follows the Browser language when Browser Language has been selected, and it is displayed with English when not is in these languages. Please inform me of the month name and the day name when you want to add your language.
  • Style Sheet
    Please select “Disable” if you use Style Sheet of your template.
  • Skin



Month of the calendar is not displayed by my language.

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