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Features - JContentPlus 1.2


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Please see the feature of JContentPlus by the screen shot.


From JContentPlus 1.2, It became possible to set most plugin settings and the settings of the system on one management screen.


Multi Categorize And Multi Mapping

Access Category that can be hierarchized Multi Categorized Article
jcontentplus_category_manager_01 jcontentplus_category_hierarchic multi_categorized_article

Where is the mapping done to two or more categories?

You can do from the article edit always used.

The extended function of JContentPlus is done a built-in of without any sense of incongruity by an article editing screen of Joomla.


Select Sub Categories Create Category Parent Article
jcontentplus_article_multi_mapping jcontentplus_article_create_category
only backend user
Uncategorized content only

Blogging by using JContentPlus XML-RPC(WordPress API)

select_categories_using_wlwFunction that evolved from MovableType further, and was added.

  • Select multiple categories
  • Create a category
  • Select an author
  • Turn “Comment” to Enable/Disable/End/Use Global ( * JContentPlus1.5)
  • Turn “Trackback Ping” to Allow/Not Allow ( * JContentPlus1.5)

Note : It might be a function provided only in Windows Live Writer.



Version Manager

Access Version Manager Previous List
jcontentplus_version_access jcontentplus_version_manager jcontentplus_version_previous_list
Diff Access to Purge Purge
jcontentplus_version_diff jcontentplus_version_access_purge jcontentplus_version_purge

Moreover, it became possible to call the article text of the previous version from the article edit screen from the JContentPlus1.2.

File Manager

Access File Manger Multi Categorized Article
jcontentplus_files_access jcontentplus_filemanager jcontentplus_file_upload

Ajax Vote(mooVote)

The style of mooVote can be selected from among three.

Donuts Uzumaki Star
jcontentplus_moovote_donuts jcontentplus_moovote_uzumaki jcontentplus_moovote_star

mod JContentPlus Calendar

The style of Calendar can be selected from among four. In adition, this module have the file of the source(Fireworks PNG).

Black Blue White Skelton
jcontentplus_calendar_black jcontentplus_calendar_blue jcontentplus_calendar_white jcontentplus_calendar_skelton

Fluid Styling


Note : There might be some changes when releasing it.

Section and Category Menu

Vertical LayoutFeature

  • Synchronize
  • Layout
    • Vertical Layout
    • Directory Layout
  • Show Section Image
  • Show Category Image
  • Show Description
  • Show the number of the articles


Direcotry Layout

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