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System Configuration - JContentPlus 1.2

System Configuration

Written by:Joomler! 2774 hits Thursday, 12 November 2009 08:55

These are basic configuration parameters of JContentPlus.
There is a parameter that can do override by setting the menu.

Display related

  • jcontentplus_system_configurationSection Category Tags
    • Hide : Not display Section Category Tags
    • After Display Title : If Intro is Hide, display it after title
    • Before Display Content : Display it before content and after created date and hits
    • After Content : Display it after content and before modified date
    • After Display Content Display it after modified date
  • Use Caldate
    Show/ Hide Calendar Date (* Override by a menu is possible)
  • Pagebreak to Anchor
    Replace pagebreak to anchor (Like Wiki)

Page Navigation

  • Position
    Please select Below or Above

Categories related

  • Publish after created
    If Unpublish, the maked category do not publish.
  • Title Add Category, Section Title
    If display an article, add Category, Section Title to it
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