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Menu Parameters(Component) - JContentPlus 1.2

Menu Parameters(Component)

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Menu Parameters(Component)

In the component parameter of the menu parameter, various settings of the component can be applied only to the menu.

  • jcontentplus_component_parameters Display related
    • Show UnAuthorized Links
      If Yes, it will show links to Registered content even if you are not logged in. The User will need to Login to see the full Article.
    • Show Article Title
      Show/Hide the Article's Title
    • Linked Titles
      If Yes, the Title of Articles will be hyperlinked to the Article itself.
    • Show intro Text
      Show/Hide the Intro text
    • Section Name
      Show/Hide the title of the Section the Article belongs to
    • Section Name Linkable
      Make the Section Title a link to the actual Section page
    • Category Name
      Show/Hide the Name of the Category the Article belongs to
    • Category Name Linkable
    • Section Category Tags
      Make the Category Title a link to the actual Category page
    • Author Names
      Show/Hide the Article Author (only affects this page)
    • Publish Up Date and Time
      If set to Show, the Date and Time an Article was published will be displayed. This a global setting but can be changed at Menu and Item levels.
      Note: In JContentPlus, the published date is displayed.
    • Use CalDate
      Show/Hide Calendar Date
    • Modified Date and Time
      Show/Hide Modified Date
    • Read More Link
      If set to Show, the Read more... link will show if Main text has been created for the Article.
    • Item Rating/Voting
      If set to Show, a Voting system will be enabled for Articles
      Note: This is not a setting of mooVote. But if you want to show mooVote, you must make this setting to Show and mooVote’s setting to Show.
  • Pagebreak
    • Pagebreak to Anchor
      If set to Yes, Pagebreak is changed to anchor tag like Wiki.
  • Icons
    These parameters are as same as parameters of Content.
  • Feed
    Show only the Intro Text or the Full Text of the article.
  • File
    • User Popup
      Yes/No the license display with popup
    • Show Files
      Even when only Introtext is displayed when Both is selected, it is displayed.
    • Misc
      The text input here is always displayed in an element of File.
  • Load Module
    It is possible to insert Module Display in an article and Feed. It works like the Load Module plug-in.
  • Insert Mod to Feed
    Yes/No Insert Module Display like Load Module of a plugin
  • Insert Mod to Content
    Yes/No Insert Module Display like Load Module of a plugin
  • Module Align
    Module Display Align
  • Module Position
    Please input a position of a module that you want.

It is possible to insert Banners in an article and Feed. It works like the banner module.

  • Target
    Target browser window when the link is clicked
  • Insert banner to Feed
    Yes/No Insert banner to feed (Like Feed burner)
  • Insert banner to Content
    Yes/No Insert banner to Content (Like Load Module)
  • Banner Align
    Position of a banner
  • Page Limit
    Number of max displays per page
  • Count
    Number of Banner to display(default:1)
    *Even if Count is more than Page Limit, it is displayed only by Page Limit.
  • Banner Client
    Please select a client.
  • Category
    Please select a category of  Banners.
  • Search By Tags
    Banner is selected by matching the Banner Tags to the current document keywords.
  • Randomise
    Randomise the ordering of the Banners
  • Header Text
    A heading to display before the group of Banners
  • Footer Text
    Text to display after the group of Banners
  • Class Suffix
    A suffix to be applied to the CSS class of the Module. This allows for individual Module styling.
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