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Requiring a login
Avatar abrill 2010/07/07 05:06
We created a new category, added links to it, and it asks for login after clicking on those links...
Re:Display weblinks in a nice table-grid - AllWeblinks plugin and module
Avatar Rex Kramer 2010/05/28 06:28
Hi, i really do like this one for a joomla core replacement (addition): http://extensions.jooml...
Adding a readmore link to mod_ weblink info
Avatar Jeffrey Leitch 2010/05/20 01:02
Hi there. I really like your Weblink Info module. It would be perfect for me except I want to se...
How can one change the display order to a horizontal way?
Avatar Andrew Sanderson 2010/04/22 00:28
I’m struggling of how to display the links in horizontal order instead of vertical order. A put...
Re:Where can I change the link title size?
Avatar Erik 2010/03/30 17:14
Thanks for your reply. I added your two lines to the template css, and added _weblinkinfo to the...

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ja purity template - need to customize css
Avatar webrp 2008/12/20 13:06
hi 1st of all thank you for this usefull module! I love this thumbnail feature. I have it o...
weblink does not display
Avatar insight 2009/02/20 09:40
hi I am using weblink module based on Joomla 1.5.9, but I cannot see this module works on my s...
Avatar jb 2009/11/05 06:41
Is there a way to display your links in a Joomla 1.5 wrapper when they are clicked?
Mod WebLink Info 1.1.2 Released
Avatar Eugene 2009/08/30 14:47
There is a problem with how Mod WebLink Info 1.1.2 Released is compressed. Thanks for great pr...
Display weblinks in a nice table-grid
Avatar inger 2010/02/15 23:06
I would like to have the weblinks wich I displayed in 3 colums, grouped by category, also display...

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Wednesday, 11 November 2009 07:32
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Updated both.

Please download it again.

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